O-Scale Jungle Tour Boat Miniature Passenger Excursion Cruise Assembled & Built with Interior Seating

  • $39.00

O-Scale Boat Miniature Jungle Passenger Tour Cruise Excursion Assembled & Built with Interior Seating. Color is white and can be painted with most acrylics or modeling paints.  Designed and made in USA. Opens up so passengers can fit inside. Boat only, passengers figures not included. Measures 5.5 (14cm) inches long x 2 inches (5.5) wide x 1.5 inches (6cm) high

Completely authentic design based on 1950’s excursion boats through the African jungle. Sign at the top says “Gold Queen.” Comes built with seating and engine box and hand rails so passengers do not fall out! Flat bottom so boat can fit easily on your layout.

Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.