Miniature Wood Color Old West #3 Sheriff Jailhouse HO Train Scale with Interiors Assembled Built Ready

  • $49.00

Introducing the completely assembled OLD WEST #3 wood color structure from Gold Rush Bay. Figures not included. The Sheriff Jailhouse is modeled after the Old West Frontier Jailhouses of the late 1800s. You will receive a two-story structure complete with full interiors built into the building! The outer shell comes off to access the inside for painting and lighting. The entire structure measures 3.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. Height is 4.25 inches (see photos).


The base is supported by individual planks on the base. Front stairway is flanked by a entrance posts You walk through a post and beam structure supporting the porch framing the entrance. Entrance includes working hinged swinging doors. On the front are two waiting benches separate by and old fashioned barrel. All the walls are textured representing wood siding and frames over rectangular barred windows.

Inside: The interior Jail Cells each have their own bed, toilet and hinged door. Fits HO Scale people that you can insert anywhere in the model. Even the jail cell is accessible through gaps on top of the assembled cell. Also inside there is an interrogation table, front desk and file drawer.

You will receive the entire structure including all interiors is made of a wood color PLA filament and can be easily painted with any acrylic or model paint. Figures in the photos are not included. Your Sheriff Jailhouse will be packaged securely but due to the extremely detailed nature, some bars, railing or column details may become misaligned or even broken in shipping. Condition is New. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Package.

About the Company: Gold Rush Bay is dedicated to making the most realistic assembled Architectural Miniatures. Our goal is to have the largest catalog of architecture and Interior designs pre-assembled. Architecture has notoriously been hard to model in miniature by hand due to its intricate geometries. By offering assembled and color products instead of kits, the modeler can get more details in their models with less effort. Thus our highly detailed miniatures are favored by train enthusiasts and dollhouse collectors alike who want to bring their miniature worlds to life. We will continue to invent ways to produce the most intricate designs for collectors. Each Gold Rush Bay product is proudly made in the United States.