Miniature White Church Assembled with Interiors Gothic Cathedral

  • $79.00

HO Scale Miniature Church Cathedral Gothic Assembled. Measures 8in x 6.5in x 8.25in. Newly printed in white plastic.  Opens and closes for customization.  Imagine creating a scene such mass or wedding.  Interior structure can be easily removed for easy painting or modifications. Can insert lighting as well. Beautiful diaphanous stained glass windows are meant to be seen through to view interiors.  

Includes authentic Gothic Victorian details such as steeples, high arched windows, apse and transept, flying buttresses and round circular windows. Inside you will find intricate interior details such as pews, projecting balcony, seats, confessional booth, 2 podiums, sanctuary with altars. Does not come with HO scale figures seen in photos to show scale. 

The item will be shipped assembled and should not be considered a toy.  Items can break off and may become a choking hazard. Detailed pieces like steeples can be easily glued back with most strong adhesives. HO Scaled and ready built to insert into your train layout or create a diorama.