Miniature Old West #1 Saloon/Hotel Built Ready HO Scale Interiors Included Wood Color

  • $65.00

Introducing the very first WOOD Color based structure completely assembled OLD WEST #1 structure from Gold Rush Bay. The Grand Saloon/Hotel is modeled after the Hotels and Saloons of the late 1800s. You will receive a two-story structure complete with full interiors built into the building! The top lid comes off to access the inside for painting and lighting. The entire structure measures 10 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep. Height is 6.5 inches. Back sides measure 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches (see photos).

Inside: The stairs leading up to bedrooms each have their own beds, dresser and nightstands. Fits HO Scale people that you can see from the outside. Also inside there is a central performance stage flanked by stage stairs and curtains. On the side there is a long bar with detailed bottles and barstools. And in the middle are round tables and chairs.


The base is supported by individual planks on the base. Front stairway is flanked by a Horse trough and hitching post. You walk through a post and beam structure supporting the porch framing the entrance. Entrance includes working hinged swinging doors. You pass by lamps attached to walls and two barrels. All the walls are textured representing wood siding and frames over arched windows.

You will receive the entire structure including all interiors made from wood based filament material for easy painting. Your saloon/hotel will be packaged securely but due to the extremely detailed nature, some window or railing details my become misaligned in shipping. Condition is New. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Package. Good luck and happy bidding!

About the Company: Gold Rush Bay is a California based company dedicated to making the most detailed miniature structures based on authentic period architecture. All structures are meticulously designed and produced completely in the United States. Gold Rush Bay is a registered brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Designs are protected and all rights are reserved.