Gold Rush Bay Miniature HO Scale Victorian #1 White Railroad Train Layout

  • $35.00

New Sealed in Package - Assembled and Built HO Scale Victorian Row How Miniature Italianate 3D Printed and assembled in San Francisco, CA.  House Only (does not include figures or furniture inserts).  Unpainted and very intricately detailed with very small production number.  Ready for Room Cube(TM) inserts. Front and Back panels are meant to be easily snapped off for painting.

Era is 1890's Victorian meant to symbolize the optimism of the Gold Rush.  Details include original 5-sided bay windows (before mass production moved to 3-sided bays), typical two-story construction and "quoins" resembling stone corner construction.  Uniquely designed Hinge system allows the house to open and be customized.  Windows panes are also open (without 'glass') for easy painting. 

Other models are available.  Does not come with HO scale figures or Room Sets in photos.  Not intended to be a toy.  Will come packages securely with certificate of authenticity.  Very rare piece of authentic Victorian design.  House footprint is 3 inches wide by 4 inches deep and 3.75 inches tall.