HO Scale Miniature JEFFERSON MEMORIAL Washington DC Capitol Collection #3 from Gold Rush Bay

  • $69.00

HO Scale Miniature JEFFERSON MEMORIAL Monument from Washington DC model by Gold Rush Bay. This is the 3rd model in the “Capitol Collection” Series from Gold Rush Bay. Other Collections include the “Victorian Collection” and “Old West Collection.” Measures 8 inches wide x 5.5 inches high and 9.5 inches deep. Architectural design is based on actual Washington DC Jefferson Memorial

Model is lovingly made by San Francisco Architect and produced in the United States. Color is off-white (cream) and can be easily painted with any acrylic paint. Made of 3D printed plastic and can be easily painted with acrylic paint. There may be stringing in some areas of the house and the structure is fragile. Note: This is not intended to be a toy. Each structure is made to order is highly detailed this shipping may be delayed for complex models. I will package as securely as possible but carrier handling is also a factor. Some finer details may break in shipping. Very detailed representation in HO Scale of the Washington DC Jefferson Memorial Good luck and happy bidding!